Performance Building Systems

Construction Manager

Since the early 1970’s construction management, value engineering, partnering, TQM – and more recently Lean Construction, IPD, Green Building, and BIM – have all tried to address the problem of building productivity, performance, and value stagnation – but have failed to achieve the intended results. The primary reason for this has been our inability to submit to standards of measurement across the whole of our process (becoming) and product (being). The key to any form of systematic improvement is measurement – from which management can effectively predict and effect results starting in the early planning stages. This principle has not changed since before Galileo, “Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.”

Our Planning-to-lifecycle BIM technology (, has brought whole-building and major systems measurement to the commercial building process. This technology is intended to help construction managers expand there pre-construction services – by estimating and comparing many scenarios or building solutions. Without such a BIM technology, CM’s are typically only able to estimate one solution at a time – with a list of options or alternates to that solution. This is referred to as Set-based Planning and Design. 

Together with Building Catalyst, Performance Building Systems, is intended to move you toward a new role as “building producer.” This is achieved through integrated structures, processes and supporting technologies needed to bring stability and then to drive out waste through innovation. 

To pursue this transition toward building producer start with Re-think page – casting a vision of new found and profound knowledge and listing the several benefits not otherwise applied in today’s CM and other traditional practices. The rest of this site is intended to help you take your company to  new levels of production and performance. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us at and we will schedule such a discussion.