Performance Building Systems

ORGANIZE toward lasting relationships

A long-term relationship between purchaser and supplier is necessary for best economy. How can a supplier be innovative and develop economy in his production process when he can only look forward to short-term business with a purchaser? …Left to themselves … components become selfish, competitive, independent profit centers, and thus destroy the system…  

          W.E. Deming

Organizational structures and relationships must become more permanent, integrated, and simplified ventures among designers, construction managers, trade contractors and manufacturers. Performance Building Systems can assist you in working toward these four key strategies needed to optimize building production and performance. These may start slowly and then build on proven successes.

1. Remove barriers to integrated, multi-project delivery – When Owners are equipped with unbiased, and un-tampered with, ability to predict outcomes and measure results they will be motivated and empowered toward these organizational and process improvement. More>

2. Use non-contradictory contracting methods – Current contracting methods that encourage individual organizations to optimize their own work, must be replaced with methods and agreements that encourage the optimization of the whole-project.  More>

3. Integrate BIM Technologies – Top-down, function-based BIM integration with the various specialty BIM applications (Program, Design, Energy, Cost, Scheduling, Construction, Project and Facilities Management) will facilitate organization and process integration.  More>

4. Consolidate the supply chain – The ongoing development and growth of long-term vertical relationships between purchasers and suppliers is the key to transformation in quality, performance, productivity and continuous improvement.  More>