Performance Building Systems


One requirement for innovation is faith that there will be a future. Innovation, the foundation of the future, cannot thrive unless top management have declared unshakable commitment to quality and productivity.         

 W. E. Deming

Innovation is the end of the matter, not the beginning. Try as we may, pursuing innovation will continue to fail to produce the intended results until we undergo fundamental change to our structures and processes. In fact, current real estate procurement practices effectively prohibit most innovation. We are still commodity and bid oriented throughout most of the supply chain.

Performance Building Systems endeavors to bring purpose-driven processes, structures and tools, so that innovation and optimization will flourish. As organizational and process integration and improvement develops, two stages of innovation will emerge:

Today’s innovations

BIM, Lean, and Green building products have seen limited use. This is due, at least in part, to the lack of proof for cost-effectiveness and increased value that most owners and practitioners are looking for before considering such investments. More>

Tomorrow’s innovations –

Prototyping and prefabrication innovations along with continued facility performance innovations – at a cost-benefit – only as more long-standing relationships are developed. But under the Deming approach, there will became an even greater focus on innovations that will improve occupant performance and productivity. This is because of the understanding of the system. More>