Performance Building Systems


 Whether you are a developer or an owner with an ongoing building and maintenance program, or an owner that is engaged in infrequent or even a one-time new building capital program, you do not need to experience the cost, time or frustration that typically accompanies the traditional building process. Rather, you can gain greater knowledge of, and optimization for, your next new facility development.

Performance Building Systems will bring planning process and tools that will equip and empower you with better decision making information. If you have a design and construction team, we will help bring process and tools to help plan, predict, measure and insure improved value and less disruption to your ongoing operations. If you don’t have a design and construction team, we will help you put such a team, contracting structures and improvement processes in place.

Please start with the Re-think page. If the benefits listed there are of interest to you the free to contact us at and we will set up a time to discuss further. You may also want to visit our BIM system that  models the program, scope and cost of commercial facilities, and provides several benefits for your consideration. This is a cloud-based system that is user friendly, and can be found at